Toystorage: January 2011

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shopaholics comes along with walkaholics

It was never easy to find nice clothes in Singapore. Seriously, it would probably either be extremely expensive or no size available. However, we manage through to get some clothes after searching it everywhere, for example Orhard, Haji and Vivo. We ended up buying clothes from Topshop, Zara and Forever 21, which is like a 'duh' thing in this country if you're going for shopping but actually a bad thing. Hoping that we would be in Thailand or somewhere else to shop. But never mind, we got our nice clothes after filtering out a lot of stuffs and waiting for long ques for the changing room. Extremely excited for dance rehearsal tomorrow and especially for cny. Going to post my next entry during cny. chaos!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Polishing the old vintage box

Today is career day as what i had mention in the last post. I was very excited because it was the very first time to wear your own clothes to school, however, it must be office wear. Hence, i wore my customized tailored suit with my grandie crocodile shirt, davinchi shoes and a Mont Blanc leather bag along with mother's scarf. It look quite great when combined together. everything went well except my hair. it was a bad hair day as i spray too much spray and wax onto my hair, i turned up too dry and my hair turned so brown that my teacher said it is dyed, LOL. but overall it was okay, i enjoyed hanging out with friend and admiring each other looks.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Boxes to fit into

This week was an awesome week, full of events and "slacking". And today, my friends and i went to lasalle's open house. Quite average. Expecting something more than that for a famous art college in Singapore. but however, we enjoyed it somehow probably because of the goodies bag which can fit out A2 art coursework paper in it. lol this is embarrassing but i really love the size of the bag. i would buy a bag for that size. so ya its quite a tiring week and nothing much to write about and next coming week would be a great one, Career day and Multi-level acts in out school. so expecting more post for the next coming week. haha yea, bye yos!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Entry #1

It was the day of the release of the O'level results. It was never a nice thing to sat inside there at that time. Everyone did exceptionally well. Except for some who really did not actually make it. I felt sad for them at the same time feeling worry about what I would get for this year O'level exams. Somehow I'm confident that I could perform and hope that things would turn out smoothly this year. Best wishes to Anna, Jieqi and Yanlan and the rest of my friends in class 2010 that we could mark an amazing history in our school for O'level results.


Motion Pause #1

The lovely branches of a tree in front of my house. That time was during winter and all the trees dried, leaving the branch naked without any leaves. Every morning and night I walked passed under the tree and looked up. It was so beautiful. Daylight passes through the branches so as well as the moonlight reflected on it.


Friday, January 7, 2011



My Shoes

This is my remaining shoe's collect after I have have filter out a lot of old, rotten, "cannot make it" and unwearable shoes in the store which left me with these amount. As you can clearly see, i do not take a good care of my shoes, laces are flying every directions. So no matter how tough the shoes are, but i usually damage it less than 6months. all thanks to my walking style which is killing my shoes for goodness sake. but now i think i should take some time to clean my shoe every two weeks so that my shoe's collection will grow more and more.

(1)davinchi shoes, vintage. (2) Dicksy', vintage. (3) NIKE SD Dunk (4) Dan Stevensons. (6) Brown Leather Scandal, Chatujak, Bkk. (5) SimpleVechicle, usually found in small boutique shops in bkk.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Lookbook #2


We don't eat pepper for lunch

Lookbook #1


Capturing Fashion #1

(1)That guy, seriously good great. Having that boots and boxy bag together adding the cuteness of him along with that hot singlet, just awesome.(2)The jolly friend, matching as they can be, with their collaboration of short jeans and cute singlet just seems more appealing together.(3)Looking mean and strong as she can be but with that white slagging shirt covering her jeans and singlet, just add a soft touch to her.(4)Nude colours, for example beige, is the best colour which anyone could look great in it. Keeping her proportion right with a stud wedges, make her look chic in a minimal way.