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Friday, January 7, 2011

My Shoes

This is my remaining shoe's collect after I have have filter out a lot of old, rotten, "cannot make it" and unwearable shoes in the store which left me with these amount. As you can clearly see, i do not take a good care of my shoes, laces are flying every directions. So no matter how tough the shoes are, but i usually damage it less than 6months. all thanks to my walking style which is killing my shoes for goodness sake. but now i think i should take some time to clean my shoe every two weeks so that my shoe's collection will grow more and more.

(1)davinchi shoes, vintage. (2) Dicksy', vintage. (3) NIKE SD Dunk (4) Dan Stevensons. (6) Brown Leather Scandal, Chatujak, Bkk. (5) SimpleVechicle, usually found in small boutique shops in bkk.



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