Toystorage: February 2011

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Marni Men F/W 2011

Marni is one of my brands favorite brand and for this men collection, all the clothes consist of my favourite colours navi-blue, biegde and grey. Moreover, their clothes are just minimal and stylish which is one of my essential for fashion.


Moments of Departuring

It was the day when abi left for Australia, I joined Lisa and the rest of friends to the airport to send her off. I got to meet my old friends and chit-chat with them. It was weird and very blank to speaks to them because it was a really long time I last spoke with. After that I followed Lisa, Kirby and Varma for dinner and it was super fun. We talk about old and random stuffs and spend alot of time eating and talking till it was quite late. Special thanks to Lisa because she paid for my meal due to the ATM unable to dispense cash. Lastly, we're lucky to aboard the last train and continue talking inside the cabin.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

A happy meal

This is what Annable and I had for dinner. We ordered Terriyaki Don and Sasimi. Apparently, this Japanese food shop has became our favorite hangout for closzy environment and fresh meals. It is really affordable but the eating space is really small. Hence, most of the time you walk pass this stall, it is always packed with people. Most of you may know this stall, 'Don Don', located at West Mall level 1, opposite bread talk. I hope that this food outlet would also be your preferred list too.


Raining like cats and dogs

What do you do when it's raining heavily? I would just sit down on my chair and stone in front of the desk till the rain stops. Looking around and observing things that I do not usually notice. The silence of my soul evokes my own personal thoughts but and lighting strikes and thunder roars provokes it to be disturb, scared of the awaiting sounds of thunder, I covered my ears.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Lou Doillon and Jessica Joffe directed by Stephanie di Giusto for Vanessa Bruno

Loving every single bits about this fashion video. The songs, clothes, scene and creative ideas they used make this video so irresistible to watch. It's a gem.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Home run for the geeks

It was the third day after CNY. For us, it's a friend visitation period. Few of my friend and I went to Jieqi's house and it's purely fun. I'm sure we're going to do it next year again. After that we went to visit my house, which I do not have anything to entertain them but to play poker cards and computer. Later on, we have steamboat at my house again and watched a movie called "School Gurls". We brought cheese fries and fried mantou that we call it awesome and all of us really enjoyed that day together.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The Candy Bits Moments

It was on Chinese New Year's eve that JieQi and I went for shopping at Vivo. We're just doing some final touchline to our clothes selection for the cny itself. It was tiring day because we had to do a dance performance for the school which we didn't want to participate, but it went on quite smoothly. So after some shopping, we went to the new Sentosa's Bridge park which is quite unassuming. And  last, both of us went back home to have our own reunion dinner.